This electronic scale is specially designed for newborn pets, It is only suitable for weighing pets in the infant stage or small pets (such as parrots, hedgehogs or small kittens, puppies, etc). The tray is only 11.6 inches long.
2.This is an improved pet scale based on customer feedback. Peeling and zeroing functions, unit switching function(Weighing can be measured in kg or pounds), and automatic shutdown function are added. Suitable for monitoring growing weight of cats, dog parakeets, hamsters, and other small animals. Can also be used for pet Food weighing.
3.Exactly up to 0.1 lb-22lb: In order to realize more accurate value display, we will deliver all products that have been calibrated twice at the time of factory shipment and inspection.
4.Clear LCD display:High-definition lcd display with white backlight, even in dark places, this lcd electronic scale can be easily read from any distance or angle.
5.Multifunction digital scale: not only can give cute Small animals measure weight and can also be used in kitchen food scales, allowing you to accurately weigh nuts, grains, fruits, and more for precise portion control and healthier cooking.


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