Use Trace Mineral to supplement your dog’s trace elements to eliminate Pica disease. The cause of Pica disease in dogs is mainly due to a lack of certain metabolic factors. Pica is the term used to refer to a specific disorder when eating something that is not food. Sometimes Pica points out that your dog is missing a certain kind of nutrition, especially for newborn puppies and immature dogs.

Minerals in Trade Mineral are good for treating skin diseases in dogs, highly effective in supporting, preventing, reducing and treating skin diseases. Mineral-rich products are also good in caring for your dog’s hair and skin.

Feeding Directions:
– Puppies: 1-2 tablets / day
– Adult dogs: 3-5 capsules / day
– Old dogs: 2-4 capsules / day
– Females or pregnant: 3-8 tablets / day


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