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PetAg Nursing Kit

PetAg Nursing Kit


Complete nursing kit comes with bottle, interchangeable latex-silicone nipples and cleaning brush.Interchangeable nipples. feel like mom’s teat and mimic pumping action needed for proper suckling.

Customized flow with no pre-punched holes in the nipples for the unique needs of your furry baby.Perfect for feeding small baby animals, including puppies, kittens, baby squirrels, ferrets, rabbits and other pets; bottle and nipples can be sterilized in boiling water.

The PetAg Small Animal Nurser Bottle was developed to promote the natural feeding of KMR or Esbilac milk replacer formulas or other liquids to animals. This 2 oz. pet nursing bottle is specially designed for small animals, and it allows animal to refuse formula when they are full. The nipples of this small animal nursing bottle are constructed of a durable and flexible silicon for strength, and are readily acceptable. The kitten nursing bottle itself is marked with graduations to make monitoring food intake easier and to help prevent over or under feeding.

Nurser Bottle 2oz

Complet kit, No Accesories


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