This treadmill provides exercise and stimulation for indoor cats. It mimics the experience of being outdoors and chasing prey. A carpeted, nonslip running surface boosts safety for your kitty. A sturdy base prevents tipping when your furry friend is hitting high speeds. This treadmill is designed to withstand up to 50 lbs. of weight, perfect…



Looking for a way to help your energetic kitty burn off some energy? The Coziwow 29-in Exercise Running Wheel Cat Treadmill is the purr-fect solution for indoor kitties who need exercise and stimulation. With this treadmill, your furry friend can engage in running or walking activities, mimicking the experience of being outdoors and chasing prey. Your pal can simply step in from either side and start moving on the nonslip tread. It’s a great way to keep your whiskered wonder active and entertained, while also promoting her overall well-being.


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