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Fipronil Spray 0.25%


Active ingredients:

Fipronil ………..0.25gm

Vehicle q.s……..100ml


Indication :

For the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infections on dogs and cats.


Dosage and directions for use:

Use only as direction by the veterinarian .


Method of administration :

Spray the entire body of the animal , and apply from a distance of approximately 10-20 cm. Apply against the lay of the hair and make sure that the entire coat of the animal is wetted. Ruffle the coat, especially in long haired animals, so that the product penetrates down to the skin .Allow to dry naturally . Do not towel dry.


Dosage :

In order to wet the coat down to the skin, depending on the length of the hair , it is recommended that a minimum 3ml per kg bodymass(7.5mg of active material per kg bodymass ) to short haired animals and 6ml per kg bodymass(15mg of active material per kg bodymass) to long haired animals be applied .


Route of administration :

Mechanical pump spray for external use-Each trigger application of the 250 ml bottle gives 1 ml spray volume.


Residual effect:

Fip-spray  has a residual effect of 1 month (3-5 weeks) against ticks and 2 months (1-3 months) against fleas , depending on the parasite challenge in the animals environment .Fip-spray may be used on pregnant and lactating female Dogs/Cats and on un-weaned puppies/kittens.


Properties :

The formulation contains a coating agent producing a film which make the haircoat appear glossy.Neighter rain nor shampooing affects the duration of effect of Fip-spray  on ticks and fleas.

Storage: Store below 25OC.

Warings : For animal treatment only .

Keep out of reach of children.


Avoid spraying in eyes .

As with all insecticides , the following are recommened.

–     wear gloves , especially during treatment of groups of animals

–     spray the animals in a well ventilated room

–     wash the hands after use

Do not smoke , drink or eat during application .

A practical guide to treatment with Fip-spray

250ml=(1ml per pump action)

For cats and small dogs upto 10kg

6 pump actions per kg


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