Petovate cream


Petovate Ointment is Anti-Inflammatory/ Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal Cream. Composition Clobetasol PropionsateBP0.025% w/wOfloxacinIP0.1% w/wMiconazole NitrateIP20.% w/wZinc SulphateIP3.0 % w/wP-Chlorocresol(as PreservativeIP0.1% w/wCream Baseq.s. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: As directed by a Registered Veterinary Practitioner only.Keep the tube tightly closed after every use. INDICATIONS: Eczematous Dermatosis complicated by bacterial and fungal infections. Dermal Infections of mixed etiology, otitis & Wounds. Store at room temperature. Protect from heat & light. Not for human

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