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Albendazole plus praz suspension


Arbend is a palatable suspensionof albendazole which is highly effective and widely accepted worldwide broad spectrum anthelmintic oral suspension used in veterinary practice,It is manufactured in cGMP compliance unit.

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Albendazole is reasonably safe anti-parasitic, and it has a wide dosing window.  Compiled below is a list of some of the approximate doses for albendazole based on a particular species of animal:

(1) In dogs, albendazole is used in the treatment of a variety of conditions and the doses range from 10mg/kg , 25mg/kg, and up to 50mg/kg.

(2) In horses, the dose for albendazole ranges from 5 mg/kg up to 25mg/kg

(3)In sheep and goats, potential doses for albendazole may range from 5 mg/kg up to 15mg/kg depending on the infection

(4)In cattle, albendazole may be given at doses between 7.5mg/kg and 10mg/kg


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